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Urban, Electronic, Cinematic

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Production - Music

by Hannah Ledwidge

A brilliant mix of urban and electronic sound

You can hear more of my music at:

Music production company based in London. Specializing in Urban, Electronic & Cinematic music.

Bespoke music composition for corporate companies for all ranges of visual media including TV, Film, Audio Branding & Advertising.


Dedicated to creating the highest quality music and seeking to provide a unique experience of sound and creativity. 


Now working in collaboration with Streets Music



Hannah Ledwidge

Music Producer // Musician

Hannah was born in London to a musical family. From an early age she pursued music. She studied a Degree in Music Performance and Production at the London Contemporary Centre of Music, and the notable Berklee Music College in Boston USA.

Hannah is a talented multi-instrumentalist (drums, keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar), music producer and endowed entrepreneur. She has performed at several top venues in the UK including Wembley stadium and Jazz Café. Her versatility has seen her play different music genres from punk rock, Jazz to Hip Hop. Hannah’s sound is a unique blend of expertly selected delicate strings, electronic & cinematic sound & perfectly fused drums.  Hannah is a born leader and endeavours to liberate her musical creativity through production and lead the innovation of the music industry. 


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